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County’s Information Technology head retires – News – Austin American-Statesman

They guy who took Grayson County’s computer systems from closed mainframes to the internet retired this week.

After 23 years with the county, Ken Miller left the county’s information technology in the hands of his handpicked crew.

“Watching the growth over the last 20 plus years has been fascinating,” he said in an email lst week. “I’ve been very lucky to have a very dedicated, efficient and cohesive team to work with through that growth. Grayson County has been in the spotlight a number of times for successfully leveraging technology to improve processes that allow doing more with less. Our Criminal Justice Processes have been a benchmark for many counties and states.”

The folks that Miller will leave behind are just as proud to have worked with him.

“One of the biggest challenges I ever faced as an independent business person is finding first class, high quality IT support,” said

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