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Boosting the efficiency of single-cell RNA-sequencing helps reveal subtle differences between healthy and dysfunctional cells — ScienceDaily

Sequencing RNA from individual cells can reveal a great deal of information about what those cells are doing in the body. MIT researchers have now greatly boosted the amount of information gleaned from each of those cells, by modifying the commonly used Seq-Well technique.

With their new approach, the MIT team could extract 10 times as much information from each cell in a sample. This increase should enable scientists to learn much more about the genes that are expressed in each cell, and help them to discover subtle but critical differences between healthy and dysfunctional cells.

“It’s become clear that these technologies have transformative potential for understanding complex biological systems. If we look across a range of different datasets, we can really understand the landscape of health and disease, and that can give us information as to what therapeutic strategies we might employ,” says Alex K. Shalek, an associate professor

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CAC claims majority of Mahindra vehicles under PNP still running healthy

Majority of the Mahindra units  procured by the Philippine National Police (PNP) are said to be in good condition. This was based on the report submitted by the Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC).

CAC said that around majority of the 2,045 vehicles—composed of Enforcer Patrol Jeeps and the Scorpio Light Transport Vehicles (LTV)—have undergone continuous aftersales program.

From October 22, 2018 up to February 29 this year, Mahindra conducted a regular Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) and free inspection on 1,645 units that were under the PNP and were serviced for freesaving more than P10 million worth of parts and services in the campaign.

Further, CAC gave Goodwill Warranty for the 474 units that were already out of coverage—meaning a unit has been accorded with the same service as those under the rated period. Such move gave an additional savings of above P12.6 million.

The initiative was made

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