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Creating Resilience In Oil And Gas Supply Chains With Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic has everyone rethinking what steps to take for resilience today, and how to safeguard that resilience for an uncertain energy future. Nearly every oil and gas executive said, in the just released EY Oil and Gas Digital Transformation and the Workforce Survey, that their company will have to change how it operates coming out of the downturn. What’s implied by that result is that oil and gas executives don’t expect the market to ever go back to where it was.

They are right. Oil demand is unlikely to return to the path it was on before the pandemic. New ways of living, working and operating our day-to-day lives have taken hold and are likely to permanently transform traditional choices. When we get to

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Why hope is a better way to cope than resilience during the pandemic

  • Hope might be a more effective coping strategy than resilience, especially during a unique crisis like the pandemic.
  • Katy Dineen, an assistant lecturer in moral responsibility and researcher in the philosophy of education, believes hope is a better mechanism for setting goals and achieving them during uncertainty. 
  • Some experts promote resilience, grit, and the ability to bounce back as highly desirable traits, but Dineen argues these same traits could potentially deepen mental health problems. 
  • She says prioritizing hope over resilience can help you to set realistic, actionable goals for getting through tough times.
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The word “resilience” has been used frequently throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Medics, business leaders, and teachers have all been encouraged to build resilience in order to address the needs of their communities.

However, advocating resilience in the current context may not be the best way forward. Another option is hope.

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