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The first ever rugged 5G smartphone will go on sale within weeks

Blackview BV9900 Pro – $422.84 at AliExpress
While you wait for Blackview’s new 5G model, check out the BV9900 Pro, which combines a FLIR Lepton thermal sensor with a bargain price tag.View Deal

Challenger rugged smartphone brand Blackview will launch the campaign for its first 5G smartphone within the next few weeks on Indiegogo, which is rapidly turning into the preferred battleground for guerilla style, low cost marketing campaigns.

The BL6000 Pro owes its name to the 2016 BV6000, the company’s first successful foray into rugged smartphones, but will prove to be a different beast entirely with 5G connectivity baked in.

Based on the MediaTek Dimensity 800, it also features 8GB of RAM and 256GB onboard storage (hopefully UFS) with a triple rear camera setup that includes a 48-megapixel AI camera – likely to be the same as on the BV9900 Pro.

Add in a 5,280mAh battery and

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Doogee S88 Pro rugged smartphone review

Doogee is a Chinese phone brand that has focused but not exclusively, on rugged designs. Doogee is part of KVD International Group Limited headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and the business was only started in 2013.

After some noticeable successes, the company has embarked on a program of product expansion, and the new S88 Pro is one of its latest generation of rugged designs.

There is often a cynicism in the West towards Chinese phones, painting them as generally price-driven solutions. Will the S88 Pro confront that generalisation and demonstrate that it is more than the sum of its parts?

Doogee S88 Pro

(Image credit: Doogee)


The Doogee S88 Pro is availably globally and can be found on the UK Amazon store for £259.99 and on Newegg USA for $299.99. That Newegg price is the price for the American version, but for an extra $20 you can also buy the ‘Global Edition’ that

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Scientists study the rugged surface of near-Earth asteroid Bennu — ScienceDaily

As the days count down to NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s Touch-And-Go asteroid sample collection attempt, Southwest Research Institute scientists have helped determine what the spacecraft can expect to return from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu’s surface. Three papers published online by Science on Oct. 8 discuss the color, reflectivity, age, composition, origin and distribution of materials that make up the asteroid’s rough surface.

On October 20, the spacecraft will descend to the asteroid’s boulder-strewn surface, touch the ground with its robotic arm for a few seconds and collect a sample of rocks and dust — marking the first time NASA has grabbed pieces of an asteroid for return to Earth. SwRI scientists played a role in the selection of the sample sites. The first attempt will be made at Nightingale, a rocky area 66 feet in diameter in Bennu’s northern hemisphere. If this historic attempt is unsuccessful, the spacecraft will try again

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