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This obscure smartphone trounces most computers in one important metric

Nubia Red Magic 5S smartphone – $826.99 from AliExpress
This smartphone from Nubia is the cheapest on the market with a whopping 16GB of RAM – that’s more than most PCs! Are we looking a new category of mobile workstation devices?View Deal

There are five smartphones right now that have more system memory than most business laptops and computers out there.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, Nubia Red Magic 5S/5G, Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, Asus ROG Phone 3 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G all have 16GB of RAM, which is an incredible amount, regardless of how you dice it.

All of these models also run on the most powerful mobile processor on the market, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 (or its slightly faster iteration, the 865 Plus).

The cheapest among them is the Nubia device, which comes with 256GB onboard storage and is available for only

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